VariCon is derived from the term “varius” und “constructio”, meaning various/ diverse constructions, and stands for the interdisciplinary field of activity in which I operate. As an independent freelance consultant, my focus is consulting and planning of all types of structures and materials.

Nothing must - (nearly) everything can ... curiosity knows no boundaries!

Engineers often cross into new ground. In order to design a bridge using a mixture of standard methods and new ideas, a firm knowledge of materials and technical principles is required as well as experimental form finding, structural design, numerical simulation and functionality.

The requirement for quality with regards to construction, design, efficiency and longevity is reached by using materials whose characteristics can be combined to achieve an optimum of synergy.
Knowledge of the multifaceted materials and technologies with their specific features, not only of the “classics” such as steel, concrete, masonry and timber but also of the ““new” materials such as glass, light metals and membranes, is the groundstone for innovative structures and concepts.
The goal of an optimum solution to a problem posed is moulded from a combination of interdisciplinary activities and dialogue.