Field of activity

| Structural design of new structures, modifications and renovations
| Verification and assessment of static analysis and building physics
| Development of engineered structures
| Consultation and assistance for architectural competitions
| Construction surveillance
| Initiation and monitoring R&D projects
| Monitoring material developments
| Supervision and assistance with material tests, building inspections


- Bavarian chamber of structural engineers

| Engineering consultant
| Certified for submission of Building documents for planning permission
| Certified for calculations of structural stability

- Saxon chamber of structural engineers

| Certified for submission of Building documents for planning permission
| Qualified structural engineer

- Münchener Architekten- und Ingenieurverein e.V.
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- Architekten- und Ingenieurverein Würzburg e.V.
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- Ingenieur Baukunst e.V.
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- Verein zur Förderung des internationalen Wissensaustauschs e.V.
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Professor at Technische Universität München

| Extraordinarius chair for timber and building construction, stand-in for Professor Dr. Stefan Winter
| Member of cooperative leadership of the materials testing institute (MPA Bau)

Assistant lecturer at Hochschule München

| Master course "Bauen mit Seilen und Membranen"