Education   Professional experience

Doctorate in civil engineering

11.1997 to 07.2003 Ruhr university Bochum, Dissertation in the field of facade systems

Civil engineering studies

10.1993 to 09.1996 Bauhaus university Weimar, degree thesis in solid floor construction


09.1991 to 06.1993 Grammar school Ilmenau
Munich technical university

since 06.2009 Professor at the Munich technical university, Ordinarius chair for timber and building construction, stand-in for Professor Dr. Stefan Winter


since 11.2008

Technical director, Hightex GmbH, Rimsting

11.2006 – 12.2008 - Head of business operations “engineering”
Structural design for membrane structures (technical membranes including primary structures)
Technical project management, technical sales support
Consultation of architects, engineers, clients, public authorities, general contractors
Supervision of external engineering and planning forms
Development and realisation of “Z.i.E.”(governmental approval for individual case)
Quality management
Realisation of R&D projects in cooperation with the Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft and the Munich technical university

Chief of business operations, Procurist, MFPA GmbH (Institute for Materials Research and Testing), Leipzig

12.2004 - 10.2006 Head of business operations “building physics”
Responsible for quality management
Assistant manager in the filed of testing, monitoring and certification of insulation products
Inter-divisional acquisition of key accounts
Conception and execution of tests in the areas of structural engineering and fire protection
Execution of R&D projects in cooperation with the university of Leipzig and the Munich technical university
Member of the sub-group “Construction timber and timber materials” (D-SG 18/20) and the DIBt Berlin (German approval body for construction products and types of construction)

Project engineer, Schweitzer GmbH, consulting engineers, Saarbrücken

11.2003 - 11.2004 Project manager in the field of structural engineering
Analysis and calculations of standard and specialised building structures.
Assistance to renowned architectural firms for architectural competitions / consulation of public and private institutions

Freelancer, Institute of structural engineering at the Ruhr university Univ.-Prof. Dr.-Ing. habil. E. Reyer, Bochum

08.2003 - 10.2003 Preparation of research reports and specialised publications
Execution of lectures

Scientific employee, Chair for structural engineering, timber constructions and building physics at the Ruhr university Univ.-Prof. Dr.-Ing. habil. E. Reyer, Bochum

11.1998 - 07.2003 R&D Project management in the field of facade systems
Execution of experimental and numerical analysis
Development and preparation of prototypes and functional samples
Preparation and execution of lectures

Freelancer, Engineering cooperation ITGR, Bochum

11.1998 - 12.2002 Compilation and checking of structural and building physics verifications
Structural and heat loss prevention assessments
Assessment of R&D applications
Building control and site supervision

Freelance activities in various engineering and planning firms

since 06.1994