German-Chinese House for EXPO 2010
Shanghai, VR China

Markus Heinsdorff, Munich

design transfer/ approval process
MUDI Architects, Shanghai

construction volume
1,2 Mio EUR

2009 - 2010

bamboo, steel, ETFE-/PVC-membrane

- spatial bamboo tube framework
- hybrid roof of PVC-membrane on cable supported steel tube construction
- hybrid self-supporting fašade of ETFE-membrane on cable supported bamboo glulam beams
- mezzanine floor on sloped frames of bamboo glulam beams
- joining technique bamboo
- fire protection requirements

scope of work
structural consulting, development of material and member tests, static analysis in cooperation with Alfred Rein Ingenieure GmbH, development of structural details in cooperation with Liz-Boa and Andreas Wilke Design
  photos: Copyright Markus Heinsdorff / Markus Diem
project: Copyright Markus Heinsdorff / MUDI Architects